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How Can Athletes Benefit From HBOT?

  • 1 min read

Many athletes believe that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is only beneficial for recovering from injury. This could not be further from the truth.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is becoming increasingly popular among high-performance athletes who are looking to improve their physical performance. 

How Can Athletes Benefit From HBOT?


HBOT is a non-invasive procedure that involves breathing increased levels of oxygen in a pressurized chamber, which increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and tissues. This increased oxygen can help athletes recover faster from injuries, reduce fatigue, and improve overall physical performance. It can also help athletes with endurance training and boost their energy levels during competitions. By taking advantage of the benefits of HBOT, athletes can get an edge over their competition and achieve peak performance.

Enhance Performance and Recovery Time

HBOT increases the amount of oxygen available for the body's cells to use. This helps to reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process, allowing athletes to return to training more quickly and with improved results. HBOT has been used by professional athletes from all sports, including football, basketball, tennis and track & field. It has also been used by Olympic medalists who have seen significant improvements in their performance after using it. By reducing recovery times and enhancing performance, HBOT can be an invaluable tool for any athlete looking to maximize their potential.

Experience From an Expert 

Team physician for the Pittsburg Steelers, Medical Director for World Wrestling Entertainment, and neurosurgeon at the University of Pittsburg Dr. Joe Marron discusses his personal experience visiting the Aviv Clinic trying Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.